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Navarre is our home. We treat our neighbors like neighbors.


Choosing a Local Locksmith

Most of the time,  when someone calls a locksmith,  that person is in a time of need.  Often,  people don’t feel like there are many choices.  Unfortunately,  there are unscrupulous operators out there who wish to take advantage of people who are desperate to get into their car or home.  Many will quote a price to show up,  and then begin adding all kinds of extra charges for using tools,  or the time of day, or the weather.  Usually these claim to be local locksmiths,  but are really a central dispatch who just calls the closest contractor on their list.

Deep Blue Key is a local family business built on integrity.  When we quote you a price for work up front,  that will be the price you pay.  We have the lowest prices in Navarre,  because we are a local company.  Feel free to shop around.  We hope you’ll trust Deep Blue Key to take care of you.  That’s what we’re here to do,  and we’re not going anywhere.  So be aware,  and we know you’ll become our friend. Give us a call,  we’re happy to answer your questions.


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